Monday, 25 May 2015

Paint Chip Poetry

Ruth Long, that wonderful innovator who also goes by Bullish Ink had a great idea for a more visual poetry month: Paint Chip Poetry  and was kind enough to list the tools she used to make them all.

She also did a post working with kids, and I thought I could steal that idea too (though I now can't find it to link to it).  I did something sort of similar with my first graders, but it didn't run as smoothly as I hoped it would. A fair few typos, and a couple of practice goes later, and we get some results that  I can post (the delay was due to end of term insanity).

Yellow is the colour of the SUN!
Yellow makes me feel HOT!
Yellow is beautiful.

Red can be lava and hot.
Red can be the sun.
The sun can be very hot.

Orange paint is the colour of orange. I am painting.
Orange our uniform is when it is P.E. time.
Oranges, are a fruit. We can eat that fruit. It is so... yummy.

Red is a fire
Red is Iron Man.
Red is an apple.
Red is dangerous.
Red makes us burn.
Red is a fire truck.
Red is cool.
Red is a mask.
Red is a toy.
Red is a car red is a ball.

Light yellow is the colour of the sun and a lemon.
Yellow is like a banana to eat and lemons.
Dark yellow is fun like sand and dirt to play.

Orange is like an orange bright school hat, and an orange truck.
Orange is like the sun in the sky, and a P.E. shirt.
Orange is like Aja's bottle.
Green is the colour of grass.
An alligator's colour is green and alligators are dangerous.
The grasshoppers are also green.

Once there was a girl that loved red.
So she went to have a picnic
and with everything she loved that was red.

I like green. My favourite colour, the green is like the grass.
Green is like an apple.
Green is like I live.

My dress is yellow.
My book is yellow and brown!
I like my yellow star.

Yellow is like lemon that we eat.

Purple is like Rarity's hair and Twilight.
Purple is Rainbow Dash's hair and Spike.
Purple is Sofa and Rapunzel.

The fire is burning.
Volcanoes are red.
The flower is pink.

The tree trunk is brown
A school hat is orange
Skin colour is light orange

Red is the colour of a fresh apple.
Red is part of the rainbow
Pink is the colour of a princess