Tuesday, 8 March 2011

This time, for real

I've tried blogging before. Its not really for me I decided. That's fair enough really, as I can't think of many people that would want to read my daily goings on. But writing for fun (and maybe someday, profit) well, that's a different kind. I enjoy writing reviews for New Hanoian, and I decided I'm going to have a crack at writing stories, too. I sort of tried but not really in Nanowrimo last year, but my plan was to do it all while I was at work. Not the best plan in the world, when a few days into November they decided we had to benchmark the reading ability of all our kids.

But now, I have Tho on my side. I talked to her (and apparently I also rambled to her at length one time after a bender too, so I must be serious) about it, and she's supportive, by getting on my case and making me write at home too.

At the moment it's little things, but you've gotta start somewhere. If you don't, then you're only awesome inside your own head, and that makes it hard for other people to see how kick arse you are. So far, a few outlines for some stories - character descriptions, world building, very loose outlining but that's better than what I've done before. I'm also doing some fables, as they're quick and punchy, and you can mix up your writing style for each time.

And rather than time-wasting games and idly surfing, I'm doing some writing and productive reading, too. Well, it feels like productive reading. Some of its about writing, some of its inspirational, some of its general knowledge but its surely more useful than just lolcats and rage comics.

So once I get into the swing of things, get a better handle on direct speech (you'd think a teacher would be good at that, yeah?) and beat my crippling comma addiction (23 so far in this post and counting) well then watch out! And here's your chance to say you knew me before I sold out.

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