Thursday, 5 January 2012

Tokenistic New Year News

Paradoxically, I do less writing when I'm on holidays. Since the amount of leisure time is greater, I spend more of it with Tho - not a bad thing in my mind at all. A fair chunk of my writing I do in down time at work, when the kids are at PE or after they've gone home. Obviously, that gave me little chance of completing Nano, but that's OK, I knew it was going to be the case. I still plan on finishing the story, by doing about 2K a week or so on it, a modest, manageable goal. I'm also looking around for more flash fiction things to try my hand at too, so if you know any sing out. And I also intend on doing some more short pieces off my own bat, thinking of my own ideas rather than just flailing around waiting on others to give me topics. Finally, I've started using various software for making lists and writing down ideas. I used to think they were a load of bollocks, but after trying a few, I've found them to be pretty useful.

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  1. I'm starting to use Scrivener. Going to be using it for my novel and might also use it for short stories. Will let you know how it goes.

    For more prompts here's what I got:
    Writer's Digest. Here's their last prompt:

    Parking Lot Confessional
    They usually have a choice of 2 500 word prompts every Thursday. Here's the last one:

    Not a prompt site, but a great place to visit is Project 150. This person write 150 words each day and she's doing it for 150 days (she's near the end). I think she writes about whatever pops in her head.

    I love this site as a resource for writing. It's a group of writers that post on a variety of writing topics and they have a forum where you can receive feedback if you wish. Below is a link to a post about writing tools: