Thursday, 16 August 2012

Dammit, Butthead!

So we got a Nexus, and silly me left the Sync everything ticked. And so it pulled down a whole host of junk I didn't need, like every email address I've ever written to as a contact, and a bunch of pictures too, which were ones I'd used here.

couldn't work out how to remove them, but finally found the info on some forums somewhere. Delete it from Picasa it said. I didn't think I had been using Picasa, but I guess since Google owns it they rolled everything in together. So I went in and deleted everything, using some Picasa app on the Nexus, thinking it'd only wipe it from there. Nope, broke everything here. A fair few of them I didn't save, like the ones for the Steampunk Superheroes piece, and I really reckon it made that one. So they're gone for good.

No big deal as I don't get many visitors, but the place will look a mess for a while. Maybe I should swap to Wordpress. But both Blogger and Wordpress are blocked at work, and I've been too lazy on the new computer to load TOR, but I'll have to get around to it sooner or later, especially as this year I will have a lot more free time for writing.

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