Thursday, 7 April 2011

Progress, of a sort

Nothing really to upload at the moment, but I have been progressing. I did a bunch of reviews for the New Hanoian, picking up one of the monthly prizes, which is I what I was shooting for. They have a little box on the main page called featured member which gives a summary of some of the past prize winners. The times I won before were ages ago, and so I wasn't in the lineup. I'm not sure if they still update it,  I hope so. If not, oh well, its only vanity. :P tongue

 A few friends and I have been doing some collaborative writing, as well. That's been interesting and fun, especially when one of us takes it in a place the other wasn't expecting. I like it, and hope that the wheels don't fall off due to other distractions - I'm partially guilty of this what with my short attention span.

Chuck Wendig has a great flash fiction challenge up,  where you go to this website, and pick one of the random, silly stock photos to write about. I've picked three I like, so I will make a start on one of them after this... unless I get distracted by something else. 

I've been doing some reading as well, and found even more useful, well written and informative websites about writing - but I realise this is a bit of a rabbit hole I don't want to get sucked too deeply into... its not just about reading about how to do it, I actually have to do it, too. I'm home sick today, so I can't post the links, but someday I'll get around to it.

Plus, I've talked Tho into letting me get a Kindle (I'm pretty sure), yay!

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