Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Faster than Light

The new hyperdrive failed on its maiden voyage, stranding us in deep space. We didn’t have any hydroponic facilities so I joked to my colleague that at least we would asphyxiate before we were reduced to drinking our own urine. He didn’t appreciate the humour, and went looking for tools - but neither a wrench nor a screwdriver seemed to provide a solution. My co-pilot had a different opinion though, and took to the the failed propulsion unit with a gusto, beating it with the wrench and swearing lustily. Suddenly the computer chimed and gravity reasserted itself, we were home!
I wanted tentacles. I wanted Rigel. But I only had 100 words for this leap of faith. Find the prompt at Julia’s Place, they’re fun and short!


  1. Whew, relieved they made it home! Creative interpretation of the prompt and I have to say you write sci-fi so well =)

  2. Enjoyed this; sci-fi is a tricky genre but you have a good dose of geeky/nerdy terms to make it work well. Very glad they made it home and didn't have to drink their urine (eurgh!) not sure I would have seen the funny side of that either :P

  3. Haha - sometimes just giving it a good old bash with something heavy does the trick!

  4. Wonderful, and there's nothing like a trusty wrench!
    Always good to come across someone who 'swears lustily'!