Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Donny's Delight

By any yardstick, Donny was a bad man. As head enforcer, he’d committed some atrocious acts which needed no embroidering or additions to inspire fear. His reputation was tough, image harsh, his visage locked in a permanent scowl. If there was a hell, he’d certainly be going there.

These depraved and deplorable deeds caused him no torment, nor loss of sleep. It wasn’t the case that he took a perverse pleasure in them, he looked at it as a job that needed doing. But Donny was tormented, as in the dark recesses of his mind he was a furry, and that was something he could never be.

For the 100 word challenge this week, the prompt was … in the dark recesses of my mind … which I tweaked since this was written in the third person as there's no way Donny would be admitting this. 

 I have a real good mate who is a furry, he just got back from Anthro Con where he competed in the dancing competition. He made it to the semi-finals before being eliminated - not bad for his first time! Next year I'm sure he'll place better... he's started working on his new routine already.

Edit:  A furry is someone who identifies strongly with an animal, often going to the extent of buying a fursuit (or a partial one) that can run into the thousands. Think of something along the lines of a sports mascot or children's TV character like Donald Duck. My dancing mate bought a partial suit - head, tail, arms and legs - and dropped about 4 grand on it. Some more information here but after that I'd probably not recommend digging too deeply as it can get NSFW fairly quickly.


  1. I'm not quite sure what a furry is - I assume it's the opposite of that tough fearless exterior. I know people who's inner personna is nothing like the personna they portray to the world. This can torment one a lot. Interesting post - made me think.

  2. Great character you're developing. Love the opening line. I was a little thrown by the last line though. I'm also not sure about what a furry is, but I'm curious. Does it mean he's soft or is it a reference to supernatural like a were or shape shifter?

  3. I was glad you put the explanation of "furry" - when I first read it I thought you'd mistyped "fury" and thought he wanted to be one of those ancient Greek revenge creatures but thought he wasn't tough enough!

    I like the thought of him 'doing his job' dressed as an animal :-)

  4. I like the idea that what he has to bury far out of sight is that he has a soft cuddly side!

  5. Thanks for all your comments. After the first two "what's a furry?" questions I went back and edited it in. I thought they were more widely known, as they're often a popular whipping boy on the internet.

    The thought of him doing his job in suit is a fantastic idea, I love it!

  6. You had me there in the story all the way up to the furry part. (Thanks for the explanation. :) )

    I'd love to read this done in a more straightforward way, too. I was so intrigued by your character, that it feels like the whole furry angle takes me away from him. In a longer story, of course, it wouldn't because you'd have time to make all the angles mesh. In fact, I think this is a great idea for a longer piece.