Monday, 17 September 2012

Eating Out

 “A long time since I see you in my restaurant, but still I remember what you order with your wife! You will have a banana flower salad, seafood nem, crispy squid and prawns steamed in beer, yes?”

Inwardly I groaned. We had been here about half a dozen times and that was over three years ago... a lifetime ago. “Uhh, that’s what I used to order with my ex-girlfriend - I’d like to introduce you to my wife, we’d like to see a menu please.”

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I know this is meant to be Five Sentence Fiction, but this is unfortunately based on a true event. I saw the funny side of it, but Tho wasn’t overly impressed. For a city of six million, Hanoi is a small town. The prompt for this week is awkward.


  1. I've been to restaurants like this. Thanks for bringing back the memories!

  2. That made me hungry! The story is very neatly crafted. Congratulations.

  3. I agree with Denis--you've made me hungry! What an awkward moment, though...

  4. Thanks, I am glad you all liked the story

  5. Oh no! A tough situation, but it really did make me laugh. Yikes :)