Friday, 14 December 2012


China is part of the file name for the prompt for the second Business Card Fiction, but I've recast it off the waters of Vietnam, seeing as how I'm living here  - that also lets me slip in some accented letters and a different font to spice it up from just normal text. I also selected colours from the picture to try and liven it up a bit. They're sort of Christmassy too, so that's a nice touch.. The final font is popular on shop fronts and printouts here, because it imitates calligraphy, although it doesn't seem to support diacritics which I find a bit strange. But I guess those accents only help people like me who have to look up the meaning of words. Even at high font sizes it can be a bit tricky to read.

The prompt:

The story:

For those of you who struggle with the font as I sometimes do, the last line reads The Dragon would bring revenge

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  1. The formatting and the story are absolutely lovely!