Wednesday, 2 January 2013

State of the Empire

All things considered, 2012 went pretty well. Could have had more typing in it, but I did get more words down, more stories completed, and do more effective editing. But more importantly (with the aid of Super Better), there's been a bigger change in my thinking about writing. Mentally, I'm more geared towards doing it. I spent some of the downtime in Dong Anh working out ways I can be more focused, and I think this time it will stick.

On the baby front, things are also progressing nicely. As expected, everyone else seems to have a better idea than us on how to raise our daughter, but we're figuring things out fairly well. We listen to all advice, and ignore what doesn't seem to suit us. She's going great guns, and while its still early days yet, Madeline seems to have a very sweet temperament - that's not just the proud father speaking, other people say it too, even random strangers. I do realise though she will enter the terrible twos sooner rather than later. And eventually she will become a teenager. But hopefully she'll emerge from that chrysalis and become just as wonderful as she is now. No teeth yet, but they can't be far off.

I do feel a bit silly nattering on here, as I'm not sure that there's anyone reading this but me, but if you are out there, I hope that 2013 is off to an even better start than you imagined it would be, and your happily ever after is progressing in a manner that makes others jealous.

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