Monday, 4 February 2013

Monday Mixing

I missed last week’s Monday Mixer, because I had stuck the Latinum Vault in my RSS reader, and thought that’d notify me when it was on (I'm not good with time. The word Monday in the title wasn't enough for my memory). But it seems RSS doesn’t work when it’s not the main page of a site - or far more likely I’m doing something wrong. This week though, I got a personal invite which was great... I’d lost track of what day it is due to the Tet holidays. So I thought it was only fair that I try and put more of the words in than the bare minimum. Instead of 3, I used 7 - all the adjectives of course, and two from each of the other categories.

This is the picture source
Down in the lowlands the river was tumultuous - thick with silt and full of small boats, hawking an unbelievable array of “wonders”. But for real magic, they came to the cabana next to the torpid rill that was its source.

Old Gammer would be waiting on her porch, rocking. Unbeknownst to the petitioner the philtre, tincture or unguent they had come for had been prepared hours before their arrival, summoned from the ether by her intrinsic arcane ability.

But the crone knew that the main part of the magic was in the showmanship. She’d squint and cackle. Be all crotchety and querulous. Muttering things about fantastic ingredients like dragon bone, wyvern’s fur, and the sclera from a cyclops. Grabbing a handful of those props, she’d mash them to a paste in her mortar and pestle. Just before her customers became bellicose, Old Gammer would produce their flask, and then disappear.

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  1. I'm imagining this with a New Orleans taste, everything works so well!