Friday, 1 February 2013

Recap of a month of small stones

So January was meant to be a month of writing a small stone every day. I know I've talked about them before, but they're essentially you condensing down a moment or a thing to its essence. The idea of them is to make you take notice of things more carefully - being in the moment (or thinking back to the moment) and recording it properly. I do pretty well in general of noticing the little cool things, like moss on a wall, or a sapling shooting up between cracks and all that jazz, so I thought it would be easy. But I resented the feeling of "having" to do it every day. I set an alarm so I wouldn't forget to do it each day, and of course one day as I was sitting here holding Madeline with Tho dozing next to me enjoying the moment, the alarm goes off and my phone is across the room and wakes them both up. So that was a bit self defeating. I think I'll just go back to writing them when the mood takes me.

Here's a selection of them that I like the best


The view from outside: insanity
From inside: love
My wife's extended family: my family


A cold morning
I hold the wigglepotamus under the blanket
Listening to a "multitude" of birds
Dawn chorus on a budget


Look! Large lemon leaves
flung forcefully float falling


Yesterday, the 23d of January, 2012
Was Tho's 10,000th day since her birth
May she have 10,000 years or more
Together forever!


Wind howls round the house - trees sway
A cricket chirps in counterpoint


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