Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Red Box

Finance doesn’t really do it for me, so the prompt the red box for this week got turned into something else. This realistic stuff is more fun than I thought it would be, though I’m sure I’ll be back to dragons and spaceships soon enough. As always, there are already some  really strong entries, go read them all!

We had put the red box up high, out of reach - we thought - of curious little hands. We should have taken our cue from Pandora, and locked it away instead. The soft velvet covering was just too alluring, and the siren call of that within so tempting.

“Look mummy! Look! I’m a big girl, just like you!”
“She’s definitely your daughter,” my wife sighed.
I nodded in agreement, then reached for a weapon myself after the lipstick wielded by my wife skidded over my stubble to shrieks of appreciative laughter from our toddler.
“Doesn’t daddy look pretty too?”

Picture taken from here


  1. Haha - adorably charming! Who won the battle?

  2. This is lots of fun. I like how you wrote it, and the warmth of the scene is delightfully contagious.

  3. LOL just what children do. Although my sister didnt laugh much when her youngest smeared mascara all over the mirrors. Great observations.

  4. Love the wry humour in this. Well done!

  5. Oh this is such an original take on the prompt, and so true to life! Love it :D

  6. This made me smile - loved the photo. Well done

  7. Lovely piece and the photo makes it very special!