Friday, 11 January 2013

The Five Sentence Fiction prompt for this week is Inspire. While I'm not really one for poetry, there are a few pieces I like, and I got my idea from one by Shelley. Though I might have come away with a different lesson than the one intended.
Picture from here
They always say "Think big!" but they never really mean it. My imagination is fueled by Golden Age Science Fiction and B-Movies. In my dreams, I am not bound to merely this ball of mud. Ozymandias was on the right track, but he had too much humility. My monument will be made of stars, wrenched from their orbits in a design of my choosing.


  1. Hi there,

    Just visiting from FSF. Wow. What an playful and thought provoking take on the prompt. That last line is incredible, but I also like the image in the line
    " ... I am not bound to merely this ball of mud." Indeed.

    --Feisty Cat

  2. Glorious! A superb take on the theme, and reengineering stars! Yessss.... :)

  3. Wow! Inspiration of an epic kind in the redesign of the stars. I agree with Feisty Cat; that last line is indeed incredible. x

  4. Again, the last line is wonderful! Dream big!

  5. Nothing wrong with a bit of confidence, nothing at all. Nice one.

  6. I like it!

    I'm "George Bailey" whom you know on SB. I'll PM you there.

    I have a contact in 'Nam who may be able to help you with books/writing and other stuff, maybe?

    Want to read a short story of mine? I'd love a new opinion. Most of my fiction has been read by my writing group and a group of friends who write. I need to start marketing same, and it makes me nervous that I'm doing the "friends & family" all like it syndrome.


  7. Now I'm just waiting for some of my students to sort out a hyperdrive or something similar, and I can get to work on realising my dreams