Wednesday, 16 January 2013


It's been a while since I've done one of the 100 Word Challenges, because I kept getting sidetracked. The one for this week was the notes from the piano. After finding an awesome picture that suited the story, I went back and changed it slightly. I love the rabbit's martini. 

Picture from here, I'm going to go through the rest later as I love the style


"For the finale, the fireworks will be timed to go off with the final notes from your guitar -"
"I play piano!"
"Whatever, the fireworks will go off with the notes from the piano. Then you walk off, lead by the duck with the tuba -"
"It’s a saxophone!"
"And for something different, there won't be an encore. The fans will hate it at first, but I reckon they'll learn to love it. Trust me, I was in marketing!"
We look uneasily at each other knowing it's time to have the talk. "We think it might be time for Bandimals to get a different manager..."